2x Curved + 2x Flat Surface Mounts Adhesive 3M Tap For GoPro

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This is a set of flat and curved surface mounts with 3M adhesive for GoPro Hero cameras.

It can quickly mount your camera to flat and curved surfaces such as the wall, house window, car window or helmet. And it can be removed by heating adhesive bond with a hair dryer when peeling off the mount.

— Compatible with a wide variety of curved and flat surfaces
— Attach your GoPro cameras to flat and curved mounts like wall, house and car window and helmet
— Industrial-strength 3M adhesive ensures secure mounting
— Can be removed when heat(from a hair dryer) is applied
— Compatible with all GoPro Hero2, Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero 4 cameras
— Package includes 2 flat surface mount and 2 curved surface mount

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Package Includes
# 2 x Flat Surface Mount
# 2 x Curved Surface Mount
# 4 x 3M Adhesive Tapes



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